What homeowners insurance really covers

A survey commissioned by insuranceQuotes—an insurance-comparison website—found that 56% of surveyed homeowners think a standard homeowners policy covers flood damage. But they’re wrong.

Although you might know the ins and outs of homeowners insurance, there’s a good chance your clients don’t.

In addition to what is not covered, your clients may be surprised to learn what is covered. The survey also found that 54% of respondents didn’t know that their homeowners insurance would cover dog bites—even if the policyholder’s dog bites away from the property.

Share the details of the findings with your prospects and clients so they’re better prepared when choosing a policy.


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1 Response to What homeowners insurance really covers

  1. Ron Stuart says:

    Good reminder that few people are experts or have in depth knowledge of all things involving real estate and real estate transactions. Hopefully we all turn to specialists – insurance, credit, inspectors, etc. – so we get maximum knowledge and value.


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