Real estate is back on the agenda at the Texas Capitol

When the regular session of the 85th Texas Legislature ended May 29, Texas REALTORS® had a long list of successes on behalf of Texas real estate consumers.

Lawmakers filed 7,051 bills during the regular session, and TAR tracked 2,767 bills that could have directly or indirectly affected Texas real estate.

You can read about all the ways Texas REALTORS® advocated for private-property rights and the real estate industry here … but TAR isn’t done yet.

Well, isn’t that special
On Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott called for a special session of the 85th Texas Legislature starting July 18 and gave lawmakers an agenda with 20 issues to address.

Abbott directed lawmakers to start by passing legislation known as “sunset” bills that didn’t ultimately pass during the regular session. This legislation will allow certain state agencies to continue operating after a review process by the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission earlier this year.

His agenda also includes several real estate-related issues, such as property tax reform, the local permitting process, annexation, and the appointment of a commission to study the public school finance system.

Did you know … ?
Only the governor can call a special session and set the agenda. This means lawmakers can only pass legislation related to these topics.

Special sessions may last up to 30 days, but there’s no minimum time—some have only lasted a few days. In 2009, for example, the Texas Legislature convened for two days for a special session on sunset legislation.

The Legislative Reference Library of Texas’ website has more information about special sessions and other legislative topics.

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2 Responses to Real estate is back on the agenda at the Texas Capitol

  1. Lane Mabray says:

    I hope they finally do something to freeze the property taxes for over 65 property owners, so they can stay in their homes. Even tho the tax rate doesn’t go up, the value rises tremendously over the years making it next to impossible to stay in their homes after retirement.


    • Lane, you are so right! I know a semi retired REALTOR who is having to sell her home and move twenty miles out in order to afford her property taxes. Many grandparents are having to move farther from their grandchildren due to high property taxes. It is bad enough retirees have to pay income tax on their social security income, but watching their property taxes go up each year is even more onerous.


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