How well do you know your TAR forms?

There are 126 forms available exclusively to members of the Texas Association of REALTORS®. Take our true-or-false quiz about the proper use of TAR forms to test your knowledge and refresh your memory.

Find explanations of the answers in the July issue of Texas REALTOR® magazine.

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6 Responses to How well do you know your TAR forms?

  1. Rick DeVoss says:

    Why would anybody be expected to know a form by its number? (We all knew what a “HUD-1” form was, and then a government agency decided to change it, …in its infinite wisdom.)

    Perhaps what we need is more education on all the many forms that are available to a Realtor. I suspect that most agents have never seen many of the hundreds of forms that are out there. Some of those forms might get used more often if agents knew they existed…

    This is an example of the type of class that needs to be taught more often, and not just to “new” agents, either. Perhaps when TREC is considering what should be “mandatory” education, they need to include some time spent on Forms.

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  2. Rick DeVoss says:

    Why is it when we write a comment on this blog, and check the box that says “Notify me…”, that we get another email just to confirm that we want to be notified…??

    Maybe Ward can answer that one for all of us.


  3. jill browne says:

    i do believe the forms class should be one that is mandatory class. the forms are changing or morphing all the time and very hard making time to keep up


  4. I think a forms course would be great. I own a Texas Real School and teach all the courses for the pre license some SAE and previously taught a lot of CE. A forms class is much needed!

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  5. Alison Street says:

    Linda Randall teaches a forms class-usually put on through title companies in Austin. Think ABOR has one also. Check w/Austin Title, Indepedence Title. It is a good course


  6. Don Nunham says:

    All the responses has nothing to do with the quiz…it’s just a fun, short quiz game…and it’s simple & logical…..


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