16 ideas for your content marketing

Promoting your expertise with shareable content relevant to real estate or your community is a great marketing technique. But where do you get ideas for your newsletter, blog, and social media posts?

Here are 16 topics to get you started. Write the ones you can, and look online for content to share for the rest.

  • Staging and decorating tips
  • Local market statistics
  • Types of mortgages
  • Common seller mistakes
  • Common buyer mistakes
  • Basics of home inspections
  • Explanation of title insurance
  • Resources for new residents (e.g., contact information for the electric and gas companies)
  • What to expect at closing
  • Simple repairs that will give sellers the best return
  • Tips from a local company about how to maintain HVAC systems
  • The difference between a REALTOR® and a license holder
  • Interesting historical facts about your city
  • Restaurant and business openings in the area
  • Upcoming events in your community (e.g., high school sports and farmers markets)
  • School information from the local district (e.g., first and last days of school)

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