How to evaluate an offer from a brokerage

If you’re in the process of taking on a new role or switching brokerages, convincing a broker that you’d be an asset to her business is just the first step. Once that offer comes, it’s time to do your due diligence on the terms of the offer, the brokerage, and what you’re worth.

Whether your negotiation skills are what secured the offer in the first place or not, go into the process with an upbeat attitude and an eye toward what you need from the deal. Remember, the broker sees an opportunity in you—this might be your best chance in the next couple years to make the job fit your goals.

Create a detailed picture of the full offer. For a sales agent, this might be taking into account commission splits, fees, lead costs, and services offered by the broker. Broker associates or leadership positions may need to evaluate responsibilities in the job description or other compensation details. But don’t stop at there. How will cultural fit, company policies or perks, or flexibility in a role factor into your decision?

Go into negotiations with a plan. Know what you want out of the role and use that to determine what aspects of the offer you’d most like improved and where you can make concessions. Be cheerful but firm, making sure you’re conveying your interest in the role. Decide beforehand what you’ll do if your terms can’t be met. Are you willing to walk away or would you still be happy in the role? Practice declining in a respectful manner and be willing to do it if red flags arise in negotiations.


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