Your text messages and emails are fair game in lawsuits

The e in email may not only stand for electronic, but also evidence. That’s why your emails—and other electronic communications like text messages—are the top target of lawyers in real estate litigation.

Find out how to avoid trouble with your texts and emails if you’re involved in a lawsuit in Texas REALTOR® magazine.

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6 Responses to Your text messages and emails are fair game in lawsuits

  1. Lane Mabray says:

    I save EVERY email on every transaction.


  2. ddavis1038 says:

    I use a program or application that converts all text messages to an email, and also lets me respond to text messages by email within Outlook so there is a retention of data on text messages. Once the text message is in the email, I delete the text message from the phone for storage and confidentiality purposes.


  3. Michael S. Dougan says:

    You better believe they are. Even if you “delete” them. In some case, if the plantiffs attorney wants to, the “deleted” emails and texts can be retrieved by court order. It just depends on how much time and money the plaintiff wants to spend. Technically, the texts and emails would have to be surrendered as the result of “a motion for discovery” by the plaintiff.


  4. Candy Cargill says:

    Saving my e mails have saved my rear end a few times! And so easy to do.


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