3 staging tips that cost nothing

A well-staged home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Try these simple strategies to save your sellers money.

Help them pack

Ask sellers to go through each room and pack all items they won’t need until they move into their new home. This includes closets and kitchen cabinets. Now they are de-cluttering with a purpose—getting a head start on their move—rather than doing it just because you asked.

If they’re having a hard time choosing what to pack, suggest they select items that they won’t need for a certain time period, such as 60 or 90 days. Make sure their packed boxes end up somewhere like a storage unit instead of their garage.

Ditch the multipurpose room

Your sellers may think their playroom/office/craft room shows versatility, but instead it’s confusing and cluttered-looking to potential buyers. Ask sellers to focus on one feature of each room, even if it’s not how they currently use it.

Consider potential buyers when deciding which room is for what. For instance, if the neighborhood is popular with young families, pump up the playroom aspects of the room and store the office supplies.

Rearrange what’s left

If the property has blinds, open them. Raise the height of curtains to make the room appear larger. Arrange a small reading nook with a cozy chair and lamp in the master bedroom, or put the fancy towels and toiletries on display in the bathrooms to evoke feelings of relaxation. Very small touches like these can make a big difference in how the home is perceived by prospective buyers.

What are your low- or no-cost staging tips? Share them in the comments.

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