23 questions to ask before joining a brokerage

You want to know as much as possible about a brokerage before you join it. Here are some questions to ask:

  1. Do you provide formal training to agents?
  2. Is there a program where new agents are mentored by top producers?
  3. Are any of my training or class expenses eligible for reimbursement?
  4. What is the starting commission split? Does it change with production?
  5. Is there a bonus program?
  6. What costs am I required to cover?
  7. Am I required to have additional auto insurance?
  8. Where do you advertise and who pays for it?
  9. Are my desired farm areas already taken by other agents in the company?
  10. Will I receive a copy of company policies to review?
  11. What is the dress code for the office?
  12. How many agents are in the company?
  13. What is the average gross volume of your agents?
  14. What commission does the company typically charge? Am I allowed to offer a lower rate?
  15. What is your policy on referrals within the company and to outside agents?
  16. Is there any clerical or support assistance available through the company?
  17. Do you have regular meetings?
  18. Is the environment team-based or individual?
  19. Do you handle commercial listings or property management?
  20. How many listings does the office typically have?
  21. What is the company’s market share?
  22. What are your office goals?
  23. What are your expectations of me?

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2 Responses to 23 questions to ask before joining a brokerage

  1. Michael Clapp says:

    24. How long has the broker been in business and are they available for questions or direction?


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