Charles McMillan: 1951-2017

Charles McMillan peacefully passed away November 8 in Fort Worth. With distinction, he led the Greater Fort Worth Association of REALTORS® as president in 1991, the Texas Association of REALTORS® as president in 1998, and the National Association of REALTORS® as president in 2009.

There will be a celebration of life for him at 10 a.m. on Saturday, January 6, at the Marty Leonard Community Chapel in Fort Worth. The Greater Fort Association of REALTORS® will host a light lunch following the ceremony, and some memorabilia from McMillan’s REALTOR® leadership roles will be on display. At 1:30 p.m., family will have a gravesite burial of his ashes with a VFW honor guard at Antioch Cemetery in Grand Prairie.

In lieu of flowers, please contribute to the Charles McMillan Memorial Fund to cover the cost of funeral expenses. Send checks to the fund at Texas Association of REALTORS®, P.O. Box 2246, Austin, TX 78768.

Charles had an unwavering dedication and commitment to the REALTOR® organization. His legacy as a visionary leader and the lives he touched through his speaking, training, and consensus-building skills will always be remembered.

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18 Responses to Charles McMillan: 1951-2017

  1. Chip Staniswalis says:

    We will keep up the good fight in memory of your dedication and friendship.


  2. Sure sorry to see this post. Charles was one of those folks that when you spoke with him, he gave 100% of his attention to you, no matter how many people were in the room. The first time I met Charles I felt like I’d known him all my life! He will truly be missed.
    Steve Young



    I was fortunate to do some real estate transactions with Charles and also played several rounds of golf with him…..He really loved the game!!….He was a great communicator and we both shared a common interest in teaching and instructing……guys like Charles don’t come along very often….sincerest condolences to Charles and his family.


  4. I met Charles at a Texas Realtor Leadership Program class last year and found him to be a fantastic teacher and leader….our industry will miss him! Many prayers to his family during this difficult time.


  5. I met Charles for the first time a few back, have had a few conversations with him since then, loved listening to him present and I really treasured his Real Estate stories. He was a BRILLIANT man, an EXCELLENT speaker and a WONDERFUL human being. God Rest His Soul…


  6. Judith Vanatta says:

    What a marvelous person Charles was! His positive attitude and joyful voice were a blessing. He so wanted to overcome his health issues and go fishing in Corpus Christi! Earlier this year he communicated that his son, a barber by trade, had secretly obtained his real estate license and surprised him with the news; Charles was delighted and so very proud!


  7. Ardys Adams says:

    One of the finest men I’ve ever known and my dear, dear friend for over 20 years. Charles was my friend, my source for all things real estate, and my biggest supporter. He joined my family for numerous Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and get-togethers, and would never fail to remind me that he was my mother’s favorite child. He was a brilliant man who would do anything for those he cared about. He was also quite mischievous and set me up for epic pranks on numerous occasions. He will be greatly missed, especially by so many of us who called him our best friend.


  8. Phyllis Davis, Ebby Halliday, Realtors says:

    Sad news about such a fine, fine gentleman–a gentle man–a great man! I first met him when he was President of the Fort Worth Association, I guess–and now am so very glad that I saw him recently here in Collin County. A leader in our profession who will never be forgotten!


  9. Virginia C Muller says:

    Charles was a REALTOR all of us were proud to call FRIEN and hppy to associate with as a role model for all Realtors


  10. Brenda Webb says:

    Charles was a friend to all and our industry is better because of Him.
    He respected and loved all. He will be greatly missed.


  11. Richard Mendenhall says:

    Great friend, great compassion, great orator, great veteran, great honor, great President of the National Association of REALTORS. Charles, you were great in every way. You enhanced our lives. You motivated us all. You cared so much about others. You were truly special, and you will always remain in my heart and soul.


  12. RIP, Trailblazer your spirit of love for all REALTORS and your desire to make the real estate industry a better trained profession through your contribution to training and educating the TAR and NAR membership all over the USA will never be forgotten. We are all proud to call you, FRIEND.


  13. sue sistrunk says:

    Charles was a good leader and friend to everyone who knew him, which was most of the real estate
    leaders, if you ever needed him to help you he was there for you, Charles will be missed, and remembered in the Real Estate community for years to come.
    Sue Sistrunk


  14. Randall Traw says:

    Charles was a giant of a man in so many ways.His heart and passion was so large for Texas Realto as well as Realtors nationwide. He continued to support the Realtor agenda and he did so many things behind the scenes that most individuals will never know. Time will reveal what a true champion Charles was. Charles passing is such a loss for the entire real estate industry. Rest in peace my friend, I truly miss you!


  15. Andra Beatty says:

    Charles McMillan was a truly great man that influenced so many lives. He was someone that always had time to talk, someone that always had time to help and if you were his friend he was someone that supported you and lieved in you. Please keep us posted on the date for Memorial. He was a great man and we look forward to remembering his legacy.


  16. Jerry Tolbert says:

    RIP Charles.
    If there’s an HOA in Heaven,
    you’re probably part of the Leadership by now.


  17. Sheri Stinson says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I had an opportunity to meet Charles on several occasions and he was the type of man you don’t forget. A great leader and friend to the industry. RIP Charles!



    It was great to have known you my prayers are with your family
    RIP Charles


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