Why you might say no to working with a client

Not every client is going to be the right fit for you. Watch the latest Texas REALTOR® Magazine Minute for some advice about the benefits of saying no to working with a potentially difficult client.

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1 Response to Why you might say no to working with a client

  1. Tod Franklin says:

    I have said no to a few customers and found these to be the most hateful people towards me ever. I guess there is nothing more insulting than turning down someone’s offer to do business. All I could say afterwords is thank goodness I made the right decision and followed my gut. These people would’ve been “toxic” to do business with. Two of the times I turned down a customer they went online and tried to destroy my reputation. My recommendation is handle it very carefully and polietly when you make the decision to walk away. Don’t burn bridges and don’t let them burn your bridge. Remind them you are part of the realtor community and they want to stay in good graces with the realtor community. Having potentially something to lose helps them understand it is pointless behavior to be revengeful.


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