TAR wins case that protects you from frivolous patent claims

A patent owned by Uber Technologies Inc. that had been used to bring patent-infringement lawsuits against Texas real estate firms has been invalidated, thanks to legal efforts by the Texas Association of REALTORS®.

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board agreed with TAR’s argument in a dismissal motion that the patent in question—a method of displaying points of interest on a digital map, such as homes for sales and restaurants—covered claims that are unpatentable. The board wrote in its decision that the Texas Association of REALTORS® “demonstrated by a preponderance of the evidence that the
claims would have been obvious.”

A previous owner of the patent, POI Search Solutions, had sued two real estate firms in Texas in 2015 for infringement. POI Search Solutions was unsuccessful in getting a monetary settlement from either firm and settled for zero dollars with one firm and withdrew its claim against the other.

“We have seen patent-assertion entities—sometimes called patent trolls—go after REALTORS® with frivolous claims of patent infringement,” said TAR Vice President of Legal Affairs Lori Levy. “TAR has taken an aggressive stance against the patent-troll problem to protect our members, and this was a huge win in that battle.”

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11 Responses to TAR wins case that protects you from frivolous patent claims

  1. ddavis1038 says:

    Well done TAR!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. William Ayer says:

    Great work!!


  3. Kim says:

    Thank you also to JB Goodwin private brokerage who pushed back & worked right along side with TAR!


  4. robertmiers@yahoo.com says:

    Uber is/are bad guys. They are a data/ride company whom lost control of millions of customers/victims and then hid/lied the information from the same. Rotten…do not trust these people with your info or business


  5. Wanda Jean Deveraux says:

    Job well done!! Thanks$


  6. Connie Felder says:

    Great job!


  7. Dan L. Barrett says:

    Great job, thank you TAR!


  8. Bonnie Brown says:

    Great job well done!!!!


  9. Elena Quiroz says:

    Thanks! Great Job!


  10. Jeff Kahn says:

    Don’t Mess With TAR !!!

    TAR Will Represent Its Members When They Are Deceived.

    I Testify To That As They Helped Me A Few Years Back & TAR Still Remains Committed & Strong.Today.

    We Realtors Appreciate Our Assocition.


  11. Linda Walker says:

    Congratulations on a substantial win. Thank you all at TAR for everything you do on our behalf, both in the fore front and behind the scene!


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