Yes, YPN is for you

Whether you just got your license or you’ve had it for 25 years, Texas YPN gives you access to resources to help you be successful and advance your career.

It’s for the young REALTOR® just getting started, the experienced REALTOR® looking to stay up on current industry trends, and the new REALTOR® switching to real estate as a second career. It’s for residential and commercial, property management and investments, affiliates, and everyone in between.

The primary goals of Texas YPN are to encourage, promote, and inspire Texas REALTORS® and affiliates through education and networking, and to provide a gateway for future leaders in the real estate industry.

Join the new Texas YPN Facebook group

This group provides a space for you to discuss industry trends, share knowledge, and place referral requests with a network of members from all over the state. Plus, you’ll be the first to hear about all of the exciting new things Texas YPN has planned for 2018. Join the group now!

What you may have missed in 2017

Over the past year, Texas YPN created the Texas REALTORS® to Watch award, given to 11 members under 40 who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, community involvement, and productivity. Texas YPN also sponsored TREPAC events and hosted its first ever Texas YPN education session at the 2017 Texas REALTORS® Conference.

There’s plenty more to come in 2018, but we need you. Want more information on how to get involved or how to start a local YPN network at your association? Contact

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3 Responses to Yes, YPN is for you

  1. Gloria Leder says:

    what does ypn stand for?


  2. chrismch1 says:

    Young Professionals Network. The writer of this piece broke a cardinal rule of journalism for not explaining what the term meant.


  3. Juan D1 says:

    I feel it’s s bit descriminating for other agents. They then should build a groups for all ages. MPN for mid age Professionals Network and the other for RPM for retirees. Lol.


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