Hiring someone for drone photography and videography? Ask if they’re insured.

If a drone you were using in conjunction with your real estate business does damage that results in a lawsuit, the plaintiff will probably name you and the drone operator as defendants.

“A commercial drone photographer should carry an aviation policy,” says John Mondics, president of Mondics Insurance Group, Inc., a TAR errors and omissions risk-management partner. “Unmanned aircraft policies typically include bodily injury and property damage liability and privacy liability. Ask to see the certificate of insurance.”

Mondics says many photographers depend on their general liability policy, but that doesn’t cover drone operations. And personal insurance policies typically exclude business operations. “A homeowner’s policy may cover damage to a property, but the homeowner’s insurance company is going to look to the guilty parties for reimbursement,” says Mondics. That could include you.

Even a friend or family member who charges little to nothing for their services is still putting you at risk. “Aviation policies aren’t too expensive,” says Mondics. “For a drone less than 15 pounds, average coverage is $750 a year for a $1 million policy and $2,000 a year for $5 million.”

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6 Responses to Hiring someone for drone photography and videography? Ask if they’re insured.

  1. Peggy West says:

    So if your photographer has this type of insurance, do real estate agents/ brokers also need insurance policies in addition to E& O insurance to cover themselves and or the real estate brokerage?


  2. Rod Hunter says:

    Do not only look for insurance! A commercial drone operator MUST be trained and certified as well as licensed by the FAA! Funny how this article suggests it is ok to use friends or family to hire commercially. The FAA has new fines and penalties for real estate persons hiring non-licensed drone operators… fine to the agent can be as high as $11,000 per instance! Do your research…


  3. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have about professional drone services in Texas.

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