Why your emails are less persuasive than you think

You may be a natural influencer or a fantastic writer, but research shows you’re probably overestimating your persuasion abilities via email and underestimating an in-person request.

It all comes down to trustworthiness, which is more readily conveyed through your nonverbal cues and not your text-based communications. And although you know you’re trustworthy, an email recipient—like the agent for the other party—may not.

The takeaway isn’t that you always have to make requests of people in person. In fact, it’s likely not possible for certain aspects of a real estate transaction. Instead, realize your in-person request is more likely to be met. And while it’s more convenient to send a text or email, assess what you’re asking for and whether you have the ability to do it in person.

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1 Response to Why your emails are less persuasive than you think

  1. Vicki Looney says:

    I completely agree with this. I am a very good writer and I do a complete set of accurate paperwork. However, I always touch base with the other agent so that I can have at least a SHORT conversation with them. For one thing, it gives them an idea that I am serious and I know my clients and the lender, etc. And for another, it allows me to find out if THEY know what they’re doing and what needs to happen on my part to make it happen (and smoothly, if possible).


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