You’re getting a new website

For the past few months, association staff has been working on enhancing your experience when you visit

Among the many improvements to the site, you’ll notice …

  • An updated, clean design
  • A better mobile experience
  • More timely content on the home page and throughout the site
  • Sections for association leaders and local REALTOR® staff
  • Quick access to zipForm
  • Clear paths for consumers and members to find pertinent information.

The new is set to go live later this month. Stay tuned!

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5 Responses to You’re getting a new website

  1. LillyRealtor says:

    Sounds great. I hope we have some flexibility on what goes and does not go on the site. Thanks

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  2. Lewis (Lew) A Brown says:

    Looking forward to it.

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  3. Amy Bemis says:

    Super-stoked. Bring it!

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  4. Dona Willett, Longview Area says:

    The New and Improved Wedsite format is awesome!
    It seems user friendly to both Texas Realtors and Texas
    Buyers and Sellers. Way to go!

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  5. larry madrid says:

    I CAN’T Seem to access Zip Forms. Is there something new?
    Larry Madrid


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